Executive Management

Tazmin Motani (B Com)

Chairperson of the Board of Directors

Tazmin is a successful businesswoman and have worked for 22 years in a manufacturing concern focusing initially on operations and thereafter on risk management, finance and human resources. She was also active in the franchise industry for 8 years after having secured the master franchise of an educational program from Malaysia. The franchise expanded to 33 sub franchises in 5 years.

Gerrit Geyser (B Com Accounting) 

Chief Executive Officer taking charge of the day to day management of the business

Gerrit is a successful business consultant with more than 25 years experience in assisting clients with DTI incentives and more recently on BEE strategy. He has been well exposed to the various facets of advising businesses on strategic matters and as such was involved in taking two companies public, one of which was listed on the JSE in 1998. Gerrit held various directorships during his professional career. He understands that clients use us to work on strategic administrative missions so they can focus on their core business.