What we do

Applying our preferential procurement focus to the BEE codes, we ask you about your quality specs, quantities, time frames, logistical requirements.

Then we go about finding the right suppliers to match your needs.

But not only that, we also look for opportunities to maximise your procurement spend while at the same time synchronizing it with your enterprise and supplier development requirements. As well as any other BEE issues that you may have.

ProQure achieve genuine added value for our clients as a result of our understanding of the BEE requirements:

Linked to our understanding of government incentives, often additional opportunities open up for large companies with turnovers of more than R50m per year to also make use of DTI cash incentives such as the black industrialist scheme (BIS) and strategic partnering programme (SPP). Streamlining BEE with incentives also strengthens our client’s balance sheet and profitability.

Solving  preferential procurement (and other BEE problems)

Bringing  you the best small and medium sized businesses that meet your requirements – professional, fast, affordable